Göran Forsén's Page

These pictures have been contributed by Göran Forsén,
3rd Engineer on the Kungsholm 1959-1960.

Läs Göran Forséns berättelse om
Around the World Cruise 1960 (på svenska)

Göran Forsén mustered on the Kungsholm in September 1959.
He served on several cruises in the West Indies during the autumn,
and the Around the World Cruise from January to April 1960.

There were 14 officers in the Kungsholm's engine department, as follows (a cargo ship would at that time normally have 4 to 5 engineers):
1 Chief Engineer
1 1st Engineer
3 2nd Engineers
3 3rd Engineers
3 4th Engineers
3 Deck Engineers

The Chief Engineer, assisted by the 1st Engineer, was responsible for the over all maintenance and watch duty in the engine department. The 2nd Engineers were in charge of watch duty in the main engine room, while the 3rd Engineers were in charge of the auxiliary engine room, where generators and boilers were placed.

Other engineers were responsible for the cooling system for food storage, air conditioning, elevators, steering macinery, anchor capstan and winches. There was a huge need for fresh water on board, for the passenger and crew hygien, laundry, and cooking. A large generator for desalting sea water into fresh water also needed supervision and maintenance. A rule of the thumb at sea is that every crew member needs 300 liters of water per day, which gives a rough total estimate of 200,000 liters.

During the Atlantic crossings, the Tourist Class menu was served in the officers' mess. During the cruises, as there was no Tourist Class, next to First Class meals were served in the mess. The passengers were always offered sandwiches during the late hours of the night. The left over sandwiches were served to the officers and crew on duty on the bridge and in the engine room.

The crew organized bridge and chess tournaments, starting as soon as we left New York. Pinnacle and cribbage was also played on board. The officers were allowed to visit the auditorium when movies were shown.

The Kungsholm departed from New York
on the 88 day Around the World Cruise, on January 21, 1960.

Gustav Åhrman getting some fresh air.

Deck Engineer Rolf L Grunditz

From left:
(Unknown, name to be added), Engineers Valdemar Svensson,
Alvar Jorpes, Sture Jonsson.

Göran Forsen and fellow officers in the garden at Raffles Hotel in Singapore.

Motorman Uno Eriksson

Motorman Henry Olsson.

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