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Ingwar Gemzell and Rolf Mayer

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Sadly we have received the news that Ingwar Gemzell passed away
on January 11, 2022, at the age of 84. R.I.P.

The following photos have been contributed by Ingwar Gemzell and Rolf G Mayer,
who served on the SAL ships from the 1950's until 1975. Ingwar Gemzell served
on the Stockholm, the Gripsholm, and the Kungsholm.

Read their story here.

Many thanks to Tommy Stark and Hans Gustafsson for working on this collection.

Please help us to identify the persons in the photos.

Please email us if you can identify persons whose names aren't noted below the pictures. If you recognize yourself or a relative, and in any way are offended by the picture being published, please send an email and the picture will be removed.

Ingwar Gemzell and Dance Instructor Michael Pekala.
Kungsholm 1971.

MS Kungsholm Farewell Dinner Menu 1961

Ingwar surrounded by passengers

Passenger’s letter of appreciation to the SAL headquarters, New York,
about Ingwar’s level of service (August 1972).

Swedish Saint Lucia celebration on 13th of December in the Kungsholm Forward Lounge.
Ingwar Gemzell and chief purser Ingvar Torstensson with crew members in traditional dresses.

Lincoln's Birthday Dinner cover 1961.

Swedish folk dance on the Gripsholm. Chief Purser Curt Dawe in the centre and Ingwar behind.

Japanese style cocktail party in Aft Smoking Room, Veranda Deck, Kungsholm.
Ingwar Gemzell and deck waiters Paul Schneider, Hans Gustafsson, Jerry Jakobsson and Per Uth.

Fancy dress competition on the Kungsholm.
Passenger wearing a dress of SAL menus, designed by Ingwar.

Texas rodeo showtime in the Main Lounge:
Frantz Racz (left) with Marlene and Michael Pekala.

Sailor style cocktail party. Ingwar and deck waiters.
Anders Green standing far left and Leif Börjesson seated second from the right. Other names to be added.

Indian style party 1971-72. Chief steward Erik Frostenius and Ingwar Genzell.
Deck steward Andy Sandell standing to the left of Frostenius and Bar Steward Anders Green to the right of Ingwar Gemzell.

Hairdresser Doris and Ingwar Gemzell in a Swedish folk dance onboard the Kungsholm.

Ready for party.
Ingwar Gemzell alias Christine Keeler, with a musician.


Birthday party onboard the “old” Kungsholm

Masquerade party. Two ship nurses and Ingwar in the centre.
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