Volker Roloff's Page

These pictures are contributed by Volker Roloff, who worked on the Gripsholm 1962 - 1975,
as Dining Room Steward, Cabin Steward, Wine Steward, Assistant Chief Steward and Chief Steward.

Volker Roloff passed away in May 2014.

Volker Roloff

Voller Roloff, Amazonas, 1967

Malta, Mediterranean Cruise 1971

Upper, left to right:
Michael Fink, Peter Kempe, Volker Roloff.
Lower, left to right:
Gerhard Kummer, Kurt Hallerfeldt, Rune Forsberg, Fritz Zwahlen.
If anyone knows which year this photo is taken (after 1966), please email us.

Volker Roloff and Steve Oscarsson,
Around South America, Rio, February 1968

Happy Birthday, Chief Steward Steve Oscarsson.
From left to right:
Fitz Zwahlen, Manfred Christl, Kurt Hallerfeldt,
Sigurd Ekwall, Ewald Skanstins, Volker Roloff.

Stig Lennart Oscarsson and Volker Roloff

"Hotel" Officer Silver Buttons
Center buttons on white formal Mess Jacket
Inscribed Broströmskoncernen, anchor, 3 crowns.

"Hotel" Crew Uniform Buttons
Center buttons on white formal Mess Jacket

Funchal, Madeira, 1 May 1974.
The masses of people did not come to greet the ship, but because it was May 1,
a political demonstration was taking place. We were just a backdrop.

Regent Sea (ex Gripsholm) cruising in the West Indies.
In 1990, I took a 7 day cruise as a passenger. After embarkation I found a message
in my cabin asking me to see the Front Office to "welcome me on my old ship".
They wanted to know if I would like to have an upgrade, and so I moved to a Sun Deck cabin.
It happened to be my old "Assistant Chief Steward, Verandah Deck Cabin,
the one I had lived in 15 years earlier. The cabin had since been rebuilt as a suite.

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