Asko Salkola's Page

These pictures are contributed by Asko Salkola.
Asko was a clerk in the Gripsholm's Purser's Office 1961-66.

Asko in the Pursers Office on the Saguena-Bermuda Cruise
August 22, 1961

On deck with colleagues from the Pursers Office.
Carl Gustaf Kruse and Sture Hilmerson.

Conducting trap shooting on a West Indies Cruise, December 1961

The Gripsholm Soccer team in New York December 1961.

Crossing the equator ceremony on the South America Cruise, January 1962.
Gripholm's Commander, Captain Evert Borg, shown on the left under the scissors.
Chief Purser Evert Eriksson standing on the front left of the other officers.

Asko Salkola has forwarded this picture from Håkan Hansson, Elevator boy/Bellboy on the Gripsholm 1961-62. The picture is from a "Cruise News" leaflet from the North Cape Cruise 1961. Asko has identified the following persons;

Standing in the back row, from the left, Arne Hylander, Ralf Odenlund, Asko Salkola (Purser's Office), 6th from the left, partly blocked, Gunnar Tinglöf (Chief Purser) , 9th Sture Hilmerson (Purser's Office), 11th Karl Axel Carman (Cashier), and on the far right, Lars Hjelm (Information Officer).

Seated in the second row, from the left, Olof Ollén, (Shore Trip Manager), John Fraser Jr., (Cruise Manager), 4th from the left Captain Evert Borg, and on the far right, Michael Pekala, (Dance Instructor).

Seated in the front row, 3rd from the left Herb Colcord (Cruise Staff), and in the center Marlene Pekala (Dance Instructor).

Other names to be added.


Chief Purser Poul Lange's invitation card on his "500th month anniversary".

Cruise Manager Jack Fraser's invitation to a surprise party for Steen Boggild
who was a member of the cruise staff.

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